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For Face

*Please be advised, facial waxing cannot be done if you are using any prescription topical medications.

o Eyebrow Shape- $22
o Eyebrow Tweeze- $22
o Upper Lip- $11
o Chin- $11
o Sideburns- $14
o Full Neck- $14
o Forehead/Hairline- $20
o Full Face (Including Eyebrow Shape): $55
o Full Face and neck: $70

Tinting Services

o Eyebrow Tinting- $20
o Eyelash Tinting- $25

*I use a highly pigmented vegetable dye that is 100% safe for the delicate eye area. In order to ensure a long lasting application, your eyebrows may be darker than intended the day of your appointment. Allow a day or two before any major event when scheduling.

For Body

*If this is your first time with body waxing, please allow hair growth to a full ½ inch before scheduling to ensure hair is long enough for removal.

o Bikini- $35
o French “In Betweeny”- $45
o Brazilian- $60
o Half Arm- $40
o Full Arm- $60 (Price includes Fingers)
o Underarm- $20
o Half Leg- $45
o Full Leg- $65 (Price includes Feet and Toes)
o Half Back- $30
o Full Back-$50
o Full Back + Shoulders- $60
o Half Chest/Stomach- $40
o Full Chest- $70
o Half Leg + Bikini or French “In Betweeny”: $70
o Half Leg + Brazilian: $100
o Full Leg + Bikini or French “In Betweeny”: $90
o Full Leg + Brazilian: $120

Special Maintenance Pricing Option:

 If your waxing appointment occurs within 5 weeks from your last waxing appointment at Clear Skin Spa, you will receive $5 off each individual Body waxing service!

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