This is YOUR completely customized facial experience! Each step is a fusion of science, natural botanicals, aromatherapy oils and techniques customized with clinical strength ingredients uniquely designed to deliver the results YOU seek. The first step begins with an individualized and thorough Skin Analysis to determine your concerns and skin goals, followed by invigorating cleansing, exfoliation and skin sedation with extractions, a custom blended aromatherapy facial massage, plus a custom blended serum made specifically for you, and mask targeted to your concerns.

My Custom Blend Facial is for everyone, with every concern. Based on your individual skincare needs, we will build on this facial with the specifically targeted add ons listed below. Keep your Custom Blend facial as is, or add on fabulous treatments to truly customize your experience!

Treatment time: 60 minutes


Infrared Red Light is able to penetrate deeper into the skin than any topical product applied, making it a wonderful add on to intensify the results of your skincare treatment. Red light stimulates your cells, reducing oxidative stress and increasing circulation, so your body is able to make more energy. With that energy, new cells regenerate and collagen is stimulated. 100% pain free with no down time!

Treatment Time: 10 minutes


A mask made of 100% natural, biodegradable, and skin-affinitive cellulose. The sheet mask forms a sort of barrier that really locks the ingredients in and prevents that evaporation. This mask, with potent Vitamin C and Niacinamide, minimizes dark spots while controlling melanin production for clear skin. Great for targeting Hyperpigmentation and Sun Damage!



This is a great combination of Anti aging superpowers! Collagen Peptides are packed with the amino acids your skin needs to rebuild and repair healthy tissue, and Adenosine has proven anti-wrinkle benefits due to its ability to energize the skin’s surface so it looks smoother and younger. This sheet mask forms a barrier on your skin’s surface able to penetrate in and maximize results!



The algae in these specialty masks can instantly hydrate the skin, replenish its natural water reserves, and increase moisture retention. It produces 60% of the oxygen we use every day to boost the skin’s defenses against a variety of environmental stressors. Poly-L-Lactic Acid, known for collagen restoration, boosts the regeneration of the skin’s own collagen to provide a gradual increase of skin thickness and smoother skin for a more youthful appearance. Skin Concern Target: Loss of firmness, elasticity, sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles.



Pure Charcoal, tea tree, and peppermint oil mixed in with algae draws debris, oil, and other micro-particles from make up or air pollution from deep within the skin. These impurities clog pores and cause breakouts. Skin Concern Target: Acne, blemishes, redness, blackheads, oil, and even sensitivity.



Orange peel contains citric acid, and antioxidants capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by free radicals. This algae mask fights the look of dullness, dark spots, and discoloration while instantly increasing brightness, radiance, and luminosity. Skin Concern Target: Discoloration, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.



Packed with Organic kale powder, spinach leaf powder, alfalfa grass powder spirulina and moringa leaf powder! This algae mask is rich in micronutrients and phytonutrients, which help prevent visible signs of aging, to increase energy, restore pH balance, and help synthesize proteins. It reduces the appearance of dark circles, supports firmness, and protects against environmental stressors. Skin Concern Target: Stressed, dull skin and dark circles.



Organic rose works to moisturize, brighten, and protect skin from water loss and airborne pollutants. The natural oils in rose petals trap moisture into skin, plus it has high antioxidant properties. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of rose water and rose oil can help ease your flare ups or redness. Skin Concern Target: Dryness, dehydration, redness, sensitivity, and Rosacea.



This groundbreaking serum-infused facial drastically reduces fine lines and leaves your skin feeling (and looking) younger! Utilizing my cutting edge non-needle skincare pen, the pressure points of acupressure, and the cooling touch of cold therapy, the Rezenerate NanoFacial delivers unparalleled results! It provides an immediate plumpness while also allowing for greater absorption of he nutrients introduced during treatment. Includes LED light therapy to maximize results. **This service can not be combined with waxing.

Treatment time: 60 minutes


An absolute must whether you have stubborn chronic acne, hormonally induced breakouts, or simply clogged pores and blackheads! This highly functional facial treatment begins with a personalized Skin Analysis, followed by deep pore cleansing and enzyme exfoliation to target any breakouts. Thorough extractions are followed by my High Frequency modality that produces acne killing oxygen. A salicylic acid medicated power treatment under an Amino Mask with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients round out this results based facial treatment. But what truly sets this facial apart is the use of LED Infrared Blue Light Therapy, which is able to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin to kill the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria where it starts, healing from the inside out! Make this effective treatment a part of your continuing fight against acne!

*For parents of teenagers experiencing breakouts: During their customized facial treatment, I will provide education on the cause of acne, including prevention, tips for at-home skin care and good hygiene practices, and follow up with you to improve the health of their skin. Please provide a list of any topical medications they may be on before each appointment.

Treatment Time: 75 minutes


Gentle massage techniques are paired with the clinical redness reducing, skin-calming ingredients in Bioelements award-winning Calmitude® products to help even the most delicate, upset, and sensitive skin rebalance and renew. Beyond relieving redness as it comforts, this complete treatment is designed to strengthen the skin, bringing it back to optimal health. It is the ultimate oasis for stressed, irritated skin in need of nourishment.

Includes LED Infrared Yellow Light Therapy
Treatment Time: 60 minutes


Need a facial but short on time? This quick, yet highly personalized treatment will cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin in just 30 minutes. Have your pores deep cleansed and extracted or enjoy a skin rejuvenating facial massage. Your choice! Either way, you’ll experience a treatment that leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and revitalized.

Treatment Time: 30 minutes


a 20% Salicylic Acid based chemical peeling treatment that improves outcomes for a range of skin conditions, including acne scarring, photodamage, and even stubborn melasma. The Blue Peel Radiance offers a unique blend of acids to provide a gentle, yet effective peel, resulting in tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin after just one treatment. Includes a post-peel Intensive Aftercare HydroJelly mask to bring down any immediate inflammation. **This service can not be combined with waxing.

Treatment Time: 60 minutes


Your skin's introduction to a peel begins here. Potent but gentle lactic acid, plus exfoliating pumpkin fruit acids and stimulating pomegranate zero in on premature age signs, with zero recovery downtime. Ideal for inflamed breakout-prone skin, surface wrinkles, and even post-acne dark spots. You'll see an increase in hydration, as skin emerges visibly clearer, brighter and less lined. Achieve the best results with a series of treatments.

Treatment Time: 60 minutes


A powerful, non-surgical acid-hybrid peel. You'll undo years of visible damage and premature age signs - without the redness, flaking, or actual "peeling" of the skin from a traditional peel. Bioelements advanced peel technology removes the uppermost layers of the skin at a microscopic level, to immediately tighten, unclog pores, improve lines and leave skin with a younger, velvety-smooth texture. Plus, you'll benefit from detoxifying activated charcoal to draw out aging impurities! Best results achieved with a series of treatments.

Treatment time: 60 minutes

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